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Customer Testimonials

I enjoyed the first Reiki session with Karen yesterday, in the comfort of my home and I am excited to let you all know that I am still feeling deeply relaxed, 24 hours later. I am going through chemotherapy at the moment (until it will be possible to remove the cancerous tumour) and taking many other drugs also- the harder to deal with being the steroids for 3 days after the intravenous chemo. They keep me awake and I can only sleep 4 hours per night and 2 during day time. Last night, after the Reiki session, I slept for 9 hours ( with a little snack break at 4:00am) and I am still relaxed and very peaceful now, 24 hours after.

I must stress that I totally handed over my body freely to Karen yesterday and I welcomed her energy into my body.

My mind is completely at peace even if fighting cancer, Trust Karen 💯 % Clear your mind from worries, Learn to create a clean body, And you will have a great life


just got home after my first Reiki experience. I have an amazing calm feeling that I can't remember last feeling. I had read a little about Reiki so knew some of how it was carried out but knew nothing of what it would be like to experience. A Warmth a glow, a relaxation that's hard to describe but probably a true relaxation, I felt a feeling of being safe. This may sound strange but I have been going through another phase of anxiety which puts me in a constant feeling of being on edge but during the session a feeling of being safe and protected came over me.

I definitely want another session and feel I would benefit on that being sooner to build on what I have gained. Anyone unsure about trying this I would say 'yes do it' 


I had my first ever Reiki treatment with Karen last week, I am still in awe of how powerful the treatment was and the strong feelings of release and emotion I felt during and after it. Thank you Karen, you are very talented,


Just want to say a massive thanks to Karen for such a wonderful relaxing Reiki session yesterday! For someone who finds it extremely hard to switch off & truly relax in any part of my life, Karen managed to bring me inner peace & much so I fell asleep at one point! I can highly recommend this healing! 


Just had some Reiki with Karen and would definitely say it is one of the loveliest experiences I have had. Would highly recommend her and will be going back.


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