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Reiki and Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer at any time of life will be distressing and frightening. Then suddenly having to deal with the impact of physical ill health whilst navigating the new realities from diagnosis, treatments and potential side effects can be incredibly overwhelming.

Reiki has a proven history of helping with cancer symptoms and is now widely offered to oncology patients across America and the UK.

Cancer patients who receive Reiki report:

*Feeling more relaxed

*Decreased stress and anxiety

*Less pain and faster healing

*Diminished or no side effects from chemotherapy or medications including nausea and skin eruptions

*Improved sleeping patterns and an increase in energy

*Greater clarity

*Feeling more empowered

*Overall improved sense of well-being

As a qualified Nurse and Reiki Master, I have experienced first hand how wonderfully powerful and therapeutic Reiki can be when used alongside orthodox medicine. I have had the privilege of treating cancer sufferers and I know how powerful the bodies ability is to heal and how Reiki can aid this process.

"I truly recommend Karen. She helped me a lot during my fight against cancer and she will continue to do so. I am still in awe of what two bodies and two minds can achieve together."

If you or anyone you know would like to confidentially discuss a treatment plan then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Home/Hospital or Hospice visits are available on request. Please also feel free to share my details if you have any loved ones who would benefit from Reiki to support them through their cancer journey.


£50 per hour

£135 for three sessions

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